iThoughts: a very slick way of mind mapping

iThoughts screenshotMost people who have tried mind mapping agree that it is a wonderful way to organise thoughts and to make connections between ideas. You start with a central idea and then add branches to it as your thoughts develop.

I first began simple mind mapping by drawing bubbles with words in them on a piece of paper and then joining them up. But today there are some powerful computer programmes available which not only do the drawing for you but which also make the whole process more fun. It is also much easier to move ideas around and to keep building on them.

I use mind mapping in many different ways, from preparing outlines for presentations and plans for an event, to developing stories before I write them and even for taking notes at a meeting.

There are now several different software packages to choose from, ranging from free open source programmes like FreeMind, to commercial packages such as MindManager, NovaMind and MindView.

Up to now my favourite was one called iMindMap. I still use it on my Mac at home as well as my PC at work. Both versions work well and are about to be upgraded to version 5, which promises even more features.

But I have now discovered some software which I believe is vastly superior to any other I have tried. It is iThoughts which has been produced by a UK-based developer, Craig Scott. Unfortunately, it is still only available for the iPhone and iPad but I am sure it won’t be long before he produces a desktop version. At least I hope so.

I find iThoughts much cleaner and more intuitive to use than iMindMap and it has lots of more useful and rather nice features. It is also less than a third of the price than the rather expensive iPad version of iMindMap.

If you have not yet adopted mind mapping as a way of capturing your thoughts I can highly recommend it. Some of the software developers even offer free trial downloads. It might literally change your way of thinking.


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